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Short answer? Because she wants to know what you are doing so she can keep a sort of immature point system. It's very telling that she has a friend you both know about spying on you. If you dumped her and now her friend sees you with a girl that i. A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal [Ben Macintyre, John le Carré] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book is in like new condition, crisp pages with no notation or highlights, clean cover. Eligible for free Super Saving shipping! Fast Amazon shipping plus hassle free return policy. 19 Feb The foreign secretary is twice pictured meeting figures suspected to be Russian intelligence agents.

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Not even his closest friend, Nicholas Elliott. Whether or not I'm a spy of course will just have to remain a mystery. I love this guy's writingAgent Zig Zag worked the triple agent thing so beautifully you'd swear friend spy was fiction I researched James Jesus Angleton for my last book, The Kennedy Endeavor, and knew he was a broken man-- just one 'among the friends'. How do you process this kind of duplicity? MacIntyre also, in order to propel the narrative I suppose, was a bit sketchy with dates.

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His intelligence information was invaluable. They quickly became close friends and remained that way for the next three decades.

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